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happy birthday, William Holden - I count him as one of my top five favorite actors, a fellow who proved he was much more than a sex symbol. Did any actor of the Golden Age ever make a transition quite so great as Holden’s growth from the goofy sailor of 1942’s The Fleet’s In to the brilliant cynicism of 1950’s Sunset Blvd.? It’s more than just a change in writing and directing; it’s the proof of Holden’s development as an actor. When I see him in those films and in such diverse roles as in Born Yesterday, Stalag 17, Forever Female, Sabrina, Picnic, The Proud and Profane, The Bridge on the River Kwai, Paris - When It Sizzles, The Towering Inferno, Network and When Time Ran Out…, I am awed by his range. And when I see his guest appearance on “I Love Lucy,” I fall in love with Bill Holden all over again.

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